Sunday, July 01, 2007

It's About Time

Time for my vacation, that is. Today is my last day at home. I have two thousand things to do to get ready, so of course I'm writing in my blog instead. Figures. I guess I'm just a dyed-in-the-wool procrastinator. It'll get done. I hope.

Still trying to get used to the new computer. It's sweet-fast, but a little screen and the keyboard is so different from what I'm used, I haven't installed all my software onto it yet. Still have to install printer and scanner software, at least, but that can wait. I'm on vacation!

I'm going to meet new people, and see new places. Take pictures, pictures, and more pictures. Wish I had gotten around to getting a holga lens for the camera, but I'll live without it, I guess. Or maybe even a lensbaby for the digital slr. I might actually be able to find one at the Workshops out there, though. From their web site they seem to be pretty well stocked. I might even find some Polaroid film there too. Can't wait to be in a dry climate. And I'm such a visuallly oriented person, well you could say I expect to be stimulated......visually, that is.

I guess I'd better get going and start getting ready for my trip out west. Yee, haw!