Monday, April 26, 2010

About Time

Time to post another random blog. No one ever reads it anyway, but it's good for me to vent every now and then. Yet again, lots has changed since I posted here, and lots has stayed the same. By way of changes, I've changed a lot, personally. I feel like I'm growing and simplifying. I'm trying to concentrate only on what's important to me. Family. Art. Photography. Friends. Not necessarily in that order. There may be less of me to see on the outside, but more on the inside.

"It is what it is" is becoming one of my sayings. "Que sera, sera". If I let it go, it will come....and it has. Opportunities have been coming my way since I gave up, gave in and just started trying to enjoy the ride. I have learned that my life is harder when I let the stresses of everyday life take over and consume my thoughts. When I let go and stop worrying, good things come my way.

Sarah Susanka says in her book, The Not So Big Life, "If you believe it, so it will be. That's how it works – believe something, and your movie shifts to reflect that belief." And it's true. She also says, 'Stay relaxed – no obsessing or resisting required – and in short order you'll be experiencing the flow for yourself." I'm finding that to be true too. I'm so grateful that this book has found me now, when I'm ready for it. If it had come to me a couple of years ago, I don't think I would have been able to absorb or appreciate all the wisdom in it. Thank you, Sarah, for putting your wisdom in a book form and sharing it with the world. D. got to meet her last month when she gave a lecture for the college where he works. I wish I could've been there too.

Since I've let go off expectations, I've had a great opportunity come my way. I've started teaching a class! My friend J. called and asked me to come teach this class! It's fun! It gets me out of the house, and it gets me thinking creatively again. I've really been enjoying it, and the students seem to be enjoying it too. I hope to be able to keep doing it for a long time.

Other things in my life are still the same, but I think I'm handling them better now that my chi is not so blocked. I still have no support, except the help I pay for, but I'm grateful for the help I DO have, paid or not. It could be worse. I could have no help at all. And we have our health, and M. is staying pretty stable for now. I just try to keep things calm and the routine going smoothly, and she's happy. The important thing. She's happy.

Yesterday was World Pinhole Day. Here's what I posted in the online gallery....

Here's the link to see the whole exhibit:

Our classes got together and had field trips....First, we made our cameras and tested them. Then, on Sunday, we went out and shot them, developed them, and then posted them to the web site. I think we all had lots of fun.

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