Saturday, April 07, 2007

Catching Up

Well, the show is almost half way hung. One piece got damaged from at the show last weekend. Another piece got damaged while it was in my car overnight, I guess. It has a little puckering on the margin of the paper where it must have gotten wet...don't know how it could happen, but obviously it i did. So I can't show it. I'm bummed. That piece was just about my favorite one and it was big and colorful and I was going to put it where it was the first thing people would see when they came in the door...I don't think there's time to get another one done before time for the show, so I'm going to just have to suck it up and get over it. But I'm still bummed.

Still have a lot I could be doing......more work. There are two other shows I need to get pieces ready for, but I can't seem to worry about them until I get this one done....been trying to clean the house, which has been very neglected recently, and spending some time with my mom,....and resting a little. Still have a pile of bills to catch up on...I need to be out doing my walking and bike riding, but the weather has turned cold all of a sudden. Did get over to the Med Center exercise room once this week for a while, and went back to yoga class. That felt good. I'm hoping to get back at it and make it a priority. I need to make ME a priority.

Went to my Saturday morning coffee group this morning, a little late (the dogs were entertaining me!). Maybe that's why it seemed different. I didn't get in on all the good stuff and most people were ready to leave by the time I got there...If I don't come out of that feeling good, it usually seems to roll over into the rest of my day. I'm trying to not focus on that feeling though, and choosing to think about the good.....The dogs really were extremely entertaining! Baby had Beau on the run for a good 10 minutes....

My thoughts keep heading for this summer....I have a goal...I'm going to go to Santa Fe. I don't know how, or exactly when, or with whom, if anyone, yet, but I'm going. It's going to be some wonderful ME time that I really need and deserve.

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