Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter 2007

This is the postcard for my solo show which opens Friday, yes, Friday the 13th (of April)....I choose to think of it as a lucky day....never really been the superstitious sort....more info at

Things are quiet around here so far today.....a welcome change from the chaos of the last few weeks. SG is closed for the holiday, so I was forced to stay home and make my own coffee and's a good thing, as Martha would say. I made it just the way I like it...made me feel "special". I'm enjoying taking a little while out to just be, and breathe before the next wave of activity hits. I could/should be prioritizing for that next wave, but I think what I'm doing is just right for now. It will all get done in it's own time, and if it doesn't, it wasn't that important.

The light outside is really nice today. Maybe if it warms up a little, I'll get out and soak some of it up....maybe read a little, maybe even paint, or print...or not....exercise #3 in "Being Good To Me 101".....

On another note, I have a few things to add to a grateful list today:

1. I've noticed a bud coming up on the stem of orchids that Beau broke off! The old blooms are dying, but new life is coming back....yeah!
2. Beau and Baby are entertaining me each morning and I'm really taking the time to sit back and enjoy it...they're much better than tv....
3. Flickr friends are great! Just when I'm about to believe no one "gets it".....someone does. Very rewarding.
Lets see if I can come up with 7 more while I'm on a roll!
4. The sun is shining.
5. My phone has not rung all day!!!!
6. I've enjoyed chatting with people who matter.
7. Amaretto.
8. Coffee with Amaretto.
9. Warm, snuggly socks on chilly mornings.
10. NOT getting up and freezing my butt off at the crack of dawn to go to a sunrise service that I wouldn't enjoy anyway! (Did that a couple of times for a guy, and even with long johns, it was NOT fun!)

Yay, I made it. Sometimes it's hard to come up with 10 things I'm grateful for, other times, it's easy. You try it. It can change your whole point of view....

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